How to Erase a Florida Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can make it much more difficult for a person to get a job, as most companies require disclosure of criminal history during the hiring process. Those who are interested in erasing arrest history in Florida can do so, if they meet the correct requirements and follow the right steps. This will allow people to get the job that they have wanted without worry about their criminal background following them around.

In Florida, people looking to have their criminal background removed first have to complete a certificate of eligibility. This certifies that they are able to have their records expunged in Florida under state law. Choosing to hire a lawyer in order to get this process along can help a lot as well. They can be very helpful in correctly filing all of the paperwork and making the best case for having the record expunged at the hearing. Also, there is a separate process for having a juvenile record sealed.

Those who have finished that step can then move on to downloading the expunge and seal documents. There is a fee in order to file all of these documents, but having a clear arrest history is more than worth it. This information is fairly straightforward, with people simply having to include information about their arrest or conviction and where it occurred. This then has to be mailed to the appropriate court, and it will be reviewed over time. This may take a while, but having a lawyer can ensure that it is done as quickly as possible.

Then there is a final application checklist for those who want to do this on their own. It will help people to be sure that their application to have their record expunged in Florida is accurate and not missing any important documents. After this, the entire application can be sent out to be considered by the court. Also, in Florida, driving under the influence is something that can’t be removed from the criminal record. The application can also be denied if the person applying has already had their record expunged before, as it can only be done once. There are several other factors that can lead the court to decide that the application should be denied.

Several other reasons that an application to have a criminal record expunged is that there has been several crimes committed, or crimes of a certain type. Check with a lawyer to see if the type of crime committed is one that is eligible to be removed from the record. Some of these criminal offenses include arson, sexual assault, homicide or manslaughter, crimes against children and kidnapping. People will also have to prove that they have successfully completed their sentencing, including carrying out a prison or paying the correct fine. After all of this has been successfully carried out, people can start over with a clean record and stop carrying about that criminal blemish which has been holding them back for so long.